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In the UK holiday makers rely on their caravan or motorhomes to explore the UK in their home from home.

This means if it ever gets stolen it will impact the holiday makers, by losing an expensive asset, having to spend money to buy a new caravan or motor home, and not to mention the loss of personal belongings within the caravan/motorhome with personal attachments.

And this is where Project Taken fits in.

Project Taken can help protect your caravan or motorhome by using state of the art technology and tracking equipment that has been specifically designed for Project Taken.

If the unthinkable was to happen our team of nationwide hunters come in to play. In light of your asset been stolen, we will deploy a unit from our 250 former police, military and close protection background staff to hunt down and secure your pride and joy before it has time to disappear forever, as a result of our staffs knowledge, training and background we significantly improve the odds of seeing your pride and joy again.

Our service can be seen on Sky ones ‘The Heist’ and Channel 4s ‘The Hunted’ and ‘The Hunted Celebrity’

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Source: ONS, Online National Statistics 2021
Caravans stolen in the UK every year*
‎‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Caravans Per Day*
of these stolen vehicles get recovered...*
Avg Recovery Time*
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Thatcham Accredited S7 device.

Preferred Device for Project Taken

Covert Taken Tracker

Price includes 12 months of Data & Project Taken service


The Taken Covert Tracker has been specifically made for Project Taken.

Extensive testing and training have aided in the development of the ultimate covert tracker, with it’s durability as a Magnetic IP65 weatherproof unit, coupled along with its own power source with rechargeable ability and fully transferable to any asset or vehicle you own, makes it the perfect tracking solution for Project Taken and you the customer.

There simply is no need for any hard wiring to your assets power supply, which makes the Taken Covert Tracker so adaptable, with the capability to be placed anywhere both externally and internally to your vehicle or asset, in turn making it even harder to be located. 

 Sends GPS (Location, speed) information to our app made for Project Taken

 Magnetic, can be hidden anywhere on the asset

 Light sensor to notify you of device removal.

 Rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 years on one charge. *

*please note continuous use will drain the battery faster, minimum of 6 months per charge.

Supporting Telematic Devices

OBD Tracker

Taken OBD Tracker

A subscription of £8.99 per month is required to use this device.
We recommend you use this device alongside the covert tracker, This device can then be used as a decoy tracker or a fleet management device.
  • Plugs directly into Vehicle OBD-II Port (On-Board Diagnostic Port)
  • Supplied with optional OBD Extension Lead
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Driver scoring and fleet risk management
  • Self-installation capability
  • Full GPS tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App
  • Full telematics reporting
Please Note, You will need a OBD plug in your asset to use the features described above.
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Nano Tracker

Taken Nano Tracker

A subscription of £8.99 per month is required to use this device.
    *We recommend you use this device alongside the covert tracker, This device can then be used as a decoy tracker or a fleet management device..
  • Sends GPS (Location, speed) information to our app made for Project Taken.
  • Unplug detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Trip logging
  • Ignition detection, Accelerometer, External Power Voltage, Engine RPM (fleet management).
  • Crash detection and notification
  • Automated alerts for: Voltage change, Battery level / disconnect, POI (Point Of Interest) Geo-fencing, Unauthorised use, Tamper, Speeding.



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Taken Combo Trackers

Covert Bundle

Project Taken Combo


The ultimate in covert tracking and telematics tracking, whilst the nano is hard wired and acts as a telematic tracking device giving you fleet management it also serves a purpose as a decoy device which in turn supports the covert tracker, so in the hour of need we can use the covert tracker supported by our bespoke service to its full potential, aiding in our ability to Hunt and Secure what is yours.

With this combo package not only will you have our own branded app you will receive access to our branded portal and our additional fleet management app.

Project Taken App

Our very own Taken App is available for download for tracking your vehicle on your smart phone or tablet, you will be able to see the live location of your asset at the touch of a button, and activate Project Taken If the unthinkable happens, with our hold to recover button, specifically designed to put your vehicle into Theft mode and automatically contact our Headquarters for support.

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