Car and Van services

With effective car and van services, drivers can be sure their cars or vans are safe from thieves and accidents. Project Takens car and van service products include devices, connectivity and software for vehicles from different types such as cars, trucks, buses so therefor suitable for both personal and commercial uses. The real time tracking feature allows drivers and management to see where their vehicles are at any given moment that will give them both peace of mind.

Keep an eye out for potential threats, and improve the security of your car or van with Project Taken.

Our team of nationwide hunters comes into play if the unthinkable happens. In light of your asset having been stolen, Taken will be deploying a team of former police, military and close protection personnel to track down and recover your property before it disappears for good. Project Takens experience means we’re able to increase the chances of recovering your asset by several orders of magnitude. Project Takens fastest secured asset in 2022 is 42 minuets, compared to the national police force’s 72+ Hours

Dont Risk Losing It, Get your car and van service with Project Taken Today.

Our service can be seen on Sky ones ‘The Heist’ and Channel 4s ‘The Hunted’ and ‘The Hunted Celebrity’

Car and van services
Car and van services

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