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Project Taken harnesses the very latest technology combined with a physical and effective human ‘boots on the ground’ element. We will not only follow your vehicle or asset in real time but also track & hunt it down, using our specialist team who are predominantly former Police, former Military and Close Protection, securing it before the thieves have the opportunity to make your asset disappear. Our dedicated network of Hunters cover the whole of the UK (except NI) and can respond in a matter of minutes. Over 70% of all vehicles stolen are never seen again, that is about to change, and Project TAKEN is the key to that change. 
Our equipment and team can be seen on Sky One's award winning 'The Heist' & Channel 4s 'Hunted' & 'Celebrity Hunted'.
equipment services
equipment services
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Caravan service
In the UK holiday makers rely on their caravan or motorhomes to explore the UK in their home from home.This means if it ever gets stolen it will impact the holiday makers, by losing an expensive asset, having to spend money to buy a new caravan or motor home, and not to mention the lost of personal belongings within the caravan/motorhome with personal attachments.And this is where Project Taken fits in.
Equipment Services
Equipment tracking services are a vital thought for plant machinery, agricultural and high value assets. Theft is becoming an increasing draw back for businesses, but that is not entirely due to higher insurance premiums, this is also due to disruption in down time, loss to earnings and lost opportunities caused by increasing theft levels throughout the UK.
Cars and vans are an integral part of everyday life from commuting and supporting all aspects of trade, to social driving or the occasional Sunday trip out. Losing any vehicle is stressful and costly especially if you never get it back. With our service and specifically built Covert tracker you can rest assured we will do every thing possible to secure what is rightfully yours.
Motorbike theft is on the increase, compared to cars it’s far easier to steal and hide a motorcycle. With our range of tracking technology and bespoke service we aim to significantly reduce the risk of never seeing your pride and joy again.

Project Taken App

Our very own Taken App is available for download for tracking your vehicle on your smart phone or tablet, you will be able to see the live location of your asset at the touch of a button, and activate Project Taken If the unthinkable happens, with our hold to recover button, specifically designed to put your vehicle into Theft mode and automatically contact our Headquarters for support.

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