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Project Taken is the leading service in asset theft security.

Our very own Taken App is available for download for tracking your vehicle on your smart phone or tablet, you will be able to see the live location of your asset at the touch of a button and activate Project Taken If the unthinkable happens, with our hold to recover button, specifically designed to put your vehicle into Theft mode and automatically contact our Headquarters to activate Project Taken.

Cutting-edge technology is used in conjunction with practical and efficient human “boots on the ground” elements, our expert team, which consists of former police, military, and close protection personnel, will deploy on confirmation of your asset being stolen, our HQ team will live track in real time your asset before deploying the nearest Hunters providing the fastest possible response, securing it before the thieves have a chance to make it disappear forever.

Our specialised network of Hunters can react in a matter of minutes and covers the whole UK (with the exception of NI). Project Taken is the key to changing the statistic that more than 70% of stolen assets are never seen again.

“Would Your Risk Losing It?”

Start Protecting Your Assets With Our Project Taken Service

Covert Project Taken Tracker

Project Taken S7 Tracker


1 x S7 Accredited Covert Taken Tracker*

12 Months Data & Project Taken Service

Bespoke Project Taken App

Renew Project Taken for just £16.99 a month or a yearly payment of £185.

*The Taken Covert tracker has been specifically made for Project Taken and is accredited by Thatcham research and development to category S7.

Extensive testing and training have aided in the development of the ultimate covert tracker, with it’s durability as a Magnetic IP65 weatherproof unit, coupled along with its own power source with rechargeable ability and fully transferable to any asset or vehicle you own, makes it the perfect tracking solution for Project Taken and you the customer.

There simply is no need for any hard wiring to your assets power supply, which makes the Taken Covert Tracker so adaptable, with the capability to be placed anywhere both externally and internally to your vehicle or asset, in turn making it even harder to be located.