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The Taken team are predominantly from Police, Military & Close Protection backgrounds who have been carefully selected and vetted to ensure that we only have the very best available. As a result of that the team are highly experienced in evidence gathering and surveillance which makes them the perfect Hunter to track and return what is rightfully yours. Even more, we can assure you that what ever you hold dear or value the most is in safe hands and everything is done to secure them or your asset safely and quickly with our vehicle tracking services. 

Our Equipment and team can be seen on Sky One’s award winning ‘The Heist’ & Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ & ‘Celebrity Hunted’.

vehicle tracking services
vehicle tracking services
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“Would You Risk Losing it?”

The best reaction to asset theft.


24/7/365 Monitoring in our state of the art control centre. Client monitoring via the TAKEN RRF mobile APP and desktop portal.


Live, real time, step by step tracking capability.


Hunter teams deployed immediately to hunt down your property.


Once located, our hunters will secure your vehicle and await your instruction.


Taken RRF can arrange recovery on your behalf or stay with your vehicle until you collect it. Once your vehicle has been located and secured, we will arrange for it to be returned to your nominated location with Taken RRF ltd contributing up-to £75.00 towards the cost of recovery.

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“Would You Risk Losing Them?”

Taken Rapid Response Person Recovery.

Great things come to those who wait

Coming in 2022

Why choose TakenRRF

Project Taken offers premium vehicle tracking services at low cost. Not to mention you’ll get access to your team of hunters who actively recover your stolen assets all around the U.K (excluding N.I). Over 70% of all vehicles stolen are never seen again. That is about to change, and Project Taken is the key to that change.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use former military and police?

We use former military and police personal as they have high experience with covert evidence gathering, high knowledge of criminal actives which we can utilize to recover your stolen vehicle.

What happens if the tracker gets taken of or falls of accidently?

Our tracker has a light sensor integrated in to it. That means if the tracker is removed it will notify you about the device removal via our app it will also notify our Hunters who will call you to see if its accidentally removed or removed by somebody else

What do I do in the event of my asset being stolen?

Once you have noticed that your vehicle is missing call our customer support number 01909776675 and press option 1
Then Project Taken will flag your vehicle on our tracking software where our team of hunters will locate and recover your vehicle

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