☏ 01909 776675
☏ 01909 776675

Taken OBD Tracker*

Price: £89.99

*This is not a covert tracker. 

The OBD (On Board Diagnostics) tracker is quite simply one of the best products available for fleet management and basic vehicle tracking.

Covert Taken Tracker

Promotional Price: £349*

Promotional price includes 12 months Project Taken

The Ultimate in Covert tracking, this is the recommended device for Project Taken.

“Would you risk losing it”

Taken Nano Tracker*

Price: £99.99

*This is not a covert tracker. 

The Nano is the perfect tracking solution for motorbikes. 

“Would you risk losing it”

Project Taken App

An App is available for download for tracking your vehicle on your smart phone or tablet, you will be able to see the live location of your asset at the touch of a button. Giving you peace of mind at all times from anywhere.

Project Taken Web Portal

The Project Taken web portal is where the magic happens! You can run diagnostic reports to give you all your movements & driving history, your historic journeys & speeds, an easy to use web page with information you will need.