Vehicle Services

Caravan service

Caravan and Motorhome Services

Project Taken can help protect your caravan or motorhome by using state of the technology and tracking equipment that has been specifically designed for Project Taken and our hunters that specialize in evidence gathering, surveillance, asset retrieval and much more.   

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Equipment Services

Agriculture and Construction Services

Equipment tracking services are a vital thought for plant machinery, agricultural equipment, and high value assets.  Theft is becoming an increasing draw back for businesses and that’s where Project Taken fits in.

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car and van service

Car and Van Services

With an effective car and van services, drivers can be sure their cars or vans are safe from thieves and accidents. Our products include devices, connectivity and software for vehicles from different types such as cars, trucks, busses so they’re suitable for both personal and commercial uses.

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motorbike services

Motorbike and Quad Services

Motorbike theft is on the increase, because compared to cars it’s abundant easier to steal and ride off on a motorcycle while not raising alarm. This is why it’s so important to get the right anti-theft devices for your vehicle. 


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